Kendall Ramseur Launches his T.I.M.E. Series Tour

T.I.M.E. Series Tour

Kendall’s T.I.M.E. Series Tour – Performing at Paradise Cafe

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Karen Holmes Ward

2013 Mistress of Ceremonies
Karen Holmes Ward, WCVB-TV

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Melvin H. King, Educator, Activist, & Writer      Samantha Sadd, Educator & Activist        Tuffus Zimbabwe, Musician

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17 Emerald Street Bed & Breakfast

Located in a quiet neighborhood just off of Historic Hingham Square, Hingham, Massachusetts

This 300 year old historic home was built in 1690 by the Lincoln family. In 1890 the home was enlarged by the Michael Burns family and offers guests the comforts of a home away from home.

Your Hosts: Janet and Terry McNulty

17 Emerald Street Bed & Breakfast

17 Emerald Street Bed & Breakfast Photo Gallery


Recording Artist, Cellist, Singer-Songwriter and Composer Kendall Ramseur

Before meeting and having the opportunity to photograph Kendall performing, his amazing new release T.I.M.E had already moved me, just as Kendall put it “I’m so grateful that “Time” spoke to you”.  In deed it has.   I am looking forward to having this beautiful tune as part of my Haiti project.

“I believe I was placed here on this Earth to inspire those that have lost sight of their dreams to encourage those that have lost all hope and to help heal the broken.  My desire is to create and perform heart felt music not only to stimulate the heart and mind but reach and touch the soul.  “T.I.M.E.” – Truths in Many Experiences  –  Kendall Ramseur

Kendall is just amazing and inspiring !!


Kendall Ramseur Photo Press Page

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