2013 Motion Picture Association for Haiti, Inc.

The MPAH held its 3rd Annual Haiti Movie Awards ceremony to honor the hard work of historically important artists that have been an essential cornerstone in shaping the Haitian movie industry. Also rewarded were the current efforts of the vibrant talents in the Haitian movie industry today.

Motion Picture Association of Haiti, Inc.

Hans Patrick Domercant, President and Founder of MPAH, Inc.

Award Ceremony Host – Actress Sarodj Bertin and Actor Benz Antoine

Honoring – Actress Garcelle Beauvais and Sidney Louis AKA Pe Toma

Hornoring – Actress Gessica Geneus, Filmmaker Patrick Jerome, Humanitarian Award Recipient Professor Laura Pincus Hartman and Dr. Victor Olatoye, President & Founder of Nollywood & The African Film Critics Awards 

Haiti Movie Awards